About Us

Why I started LoveYourHair LYH

In 2017 I had my daughter and whilst holding my new bundle of joy it hit me, who going to do her hair?! 


At the time I didn't know how to cornrow, not even my own hair, I knew how to do simple styles however they wasn't going to least long. Family and Friends said I could call on them, but for hoe long? So I learnt with help from my mum and godmother. 

That same year my son wanted to grow his hair back so now I'm going to have two heads of hair to do!

Fast forward a year my kids hair are growing nicely and my hairstyles are getting better, so then i thought how am i going to keep it neat and protected it at night? Yes I knew about headscarf's but they wasn't staying on my son head at night and i didn't want something that was going to be tight. So I started looking around (on insta lol) and saw a few businesses selling satin bonnets, I was intrigued and wanted to know more about the product and its benefits. 

The playgroup that I was taking my daughter too had a weekly sewing session with a creche so i thought brilliant let me join and see what i can make, that's when MiniMe Haircare was born...... after making my first matching satin bonnet for my daughter and I. 


ON 8th April 2020 I lost my Dad to Covid and my world was turned upside down!

My dad was my rock, every idea I had I would run it by my dad.

One day when I was doing my hair and my dad voice popped into my head "Gina, I love your Hair!" That's when I changed the business to Love Your Hair LYH

LoveYourHair LYH is in honour of my Dad and Kids!